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what is MDMA

MDMA, short for 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, is most commonly known as Ecstasy or Molly. It is a laboratory-made drug that produces a “high” similar to the stimulants called amphetamines.

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This illicit drug exerts its primary effects in the brain on neurons that use the chemicals serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine to communicate with other neurons. Serotonin is most likely responsible for the feelings of empathy, elevated mood, and emotional closeness experienced with this drug. Overall, these neurotransmitter systems play an important role in regulating:

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  • mood
  • energy/activity and the reward system
  • appetite
  • aggression
  • sexual activity
  • sleep
  • sensitivity to pain
  • heart rate, blood pressure.

It has been available as a street drug since the 1980s, and use escalated in the 1990s among college students and young adults.  As the rave and club scene expanded to metropolitan and suburban areas across the country, MDMA use and distribution increased as well.

Methods of Use

Ecstasy traffickers consistently use brand names and logos as marketing tools and to distinguish their product from that of competitors.  Among the more popular logos are butterflies, lightning bolts, and four-leaf clovers.

Effects of MDMA Use

MDMA stimulates the release of the neurotransmitters such as serotonin from brain neurons, producing a high that lasts from 3 to 6 hours, but it’s length can be variable based on the user.

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MDMA can produce stimulant effects such as an enhanced sense of pleasure and self-confidence and increased energy. Its psychedelic effects include feelings of peacefulness, acceptance, and empathy.

MDMA Health Hazards

Users may encounter problems similar to those experienced by amphetamine and cocaine users, including addiction. Research has shown that animals will self-administer MDMA, an indicator of a drug’s abuse potential.

Damage to brain serotonin neurons can occur; = Studies are conflicting on MDMA use and its affects on memory and cognition. Buy mdma drugs

After moderate use of the drug over one week, Buy pure mdma online, psychological and physical effects due to withdrawal may include:

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  • irritability
  • depression
  • aggression and impulsiveness
  • muscle tension
  • problems with sleep
  • anxiety
  • memory deficits
  • loss of attention
  • nausea and decreased appetite
  • loss of interest in sex

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Almost 60% of people who use Ecstasy report withdrawal symptoms, including fatigue, loss of appetite, depressed feelings, and trouble concentrating.

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Formula: C₁₁H₁₅NO₂

Drug class: empathogen–entactogen; stimulant
Other names: 3,4-MDMA; Ecstasy (E, X, XTC); Molly; Mandy
Duration of action: 4–6 hours
Onset of action30–45 minutes (by mouth)
Metabolism: Liver, CYP450 extensively involved, including CYP2D6
Elimination half-life: (R)-MDMA: 5.8 ± 2.2 hours (variable); (S)-MDMA: 3.6 ± 0.9 hours (variable

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