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Buy Ketamine Nasal Spray 

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Product Use

Ketamine Nose Spray is used for treating the symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain, and alcoholism.  Does this sound like it could work for you?.

Product Effects

At a low dose, some users feel a dreamy and relaxed intoxication. Sounds may be more intense or distorted feeling like a chilled hallucinations. At higher dose, some users feel separated from their bodies.

ketamine nasal spray

We call such effects dissociation or say intense trip at high does users experience a k-hole state.  Note that a much lower dose of ketamine is given for depression compared with the dose necessary for anesthesia.

Ketamine intoxication can produce symptoms such as:

  1. Immobility.
  2. Sedation.
  3. Amnesia.
  4. Slurred speech.
  5. Hallucinations and delirium.
  6. Problems breathing.
  7. Feeling of disconnection from one’s body or reality.
  8. Changes in perceptions of color or sound.
  9. Impaired attention and memory.
  10. Experiencing a K-hole, or terrifying near-death feeling, similar to a bad LSD trip.

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