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What is 2C-B

2C-B, or 4-bromo-2,5 dimethoxy phenethylamine, is a hallucinogenic drug that was synthesized in 1974 by Alexander Shulgin. 2C-B  is often sold as pill. Very occasionally can you get  2C-B in powder form. Most users take 2C-B in a quiet place, such as at home or in nature (Woods). Such an experience is called a trip. Sometimes people take 2C-B at a party. But for most users that is not pleasant because incentives come in much stronger.

What are the effects of 2C-B

Depending on the mode of  consumption, 2C-B’s effects will begin within

the first  25-70 minutes, and a  2C-B trip normally lasts 4-9 hours.

The symptoms a person will experience during a trip depend on the dose taken and the chemical compounds in the 2C-B they consume also if the user is on another substance, such as LSD, SHROOM,MDMA.

The short term effects of  a 2C-B trip include:

  • Enhanced mood and feelings of euphoria
  • Laughter
  • Visual and auditory alterations and hallucinations
  • Enhanced energy
  • Sexual arousal/enhanced libido

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